He's got Sowell and He's Superbad.



We the Well Meaning Individuals of Freespeechland are huge fans Thomas Sowell, but also Pam Grier. She was playing a tough lady on screen long before it was cool. But Side Note; Hows that for two people you never thought would be in the same sentence? What can we say other than diversity of thought makes for superb bedfellows. Speaking of bedfellows we are lucky those two didnt get together as their offspring probably might be more than human and might have taken control of the world by now. Either way we couldn't resist this play on words. Wear it proudly, but keep your copy of Black Rednecks and White Liberals or Foxy Brown handy as this one is sure to spark some conversation.


Here is his response to being tweeted about by Kanye on Larry Elders Radio Show (The Thomas Sowell part doesnt last that long and below that is Thomas Sowell with Dave Rubin recently. Enjoy





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