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Abysmal. Adversarial. Aesthetic. Analogous. Antipathy. Bolster. Candor. Coincide. Complement (not compliment). Conducive. Demur. Disparage. Egregious. Eminent. Emphatic. Foment. Galvanizing. Ignominious. Imbibe. Inculcate. Lament. Malleable. Novel. Null. Obsolete. Onset. Opine. Oust. Petulant. Pinnacle. Postulate. Promulgate. Quirk. Ramify. Refute. Repudiate. Rhetoric. Satiated. Scorn. Scrupulous. Secrete. Sinister. Solidarity. Spawn. Squalid. Surly. Tactful. Taut. Teeming. Transparent. Tremendous. Ubiquitous. Undermine. Undulate. Unilateral. Unmitigated. Urge. Validate. Warrant. Yield. 

The Well Meaning Individuals of Freespeechland lifted this list from an SAT prep list. Do you know what these words mean? Probably but maybe not, it is OK if you don't. Get to know them, keep this around to remind you to learn new words everyday. If you do know these words, then you realize there are probably chances to use them all the time in everyday conversation. Perhaps today you refuted and undermined the sinister and petulant, yet tremendously ubiquitous but not novel, antipathy spawned and secreted by SJW values that are not tactful and undermine the solidarity that our analogous human condition should yield. Their abysmal and adversarial rhetoric is teeming with malleable logic that usually leads to unmitigated and ignominious disparagement of facts that have been validated by scrupulous and transparent research.

This will allow you to level up your speech, and communicate in a more powerful manner.  Use your power carefully, because once this is mastered, then you too can produce word salad on the level of Michael Eric Dyson.  

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