Articulate Your Self-Fulfilling Prophecy


Self-fulfilling Prophecies exist, and Speech is Powerful. Not only does this piece of wisdom encourage us to speak our plans out loud, which in itself gets us closer to accomplishing those goals, but then demands we treat itautriana as an inevitable prophecy that will come true. This, however, isn't some new agey delusion where you speak into a mirror and a Ferrari appears in your garage tomorrow. This is a call to action that requires steady work as you treat your articulated prophecy as an inevitable conclusion that will need work to accomplish. This is also a great conversation starter as most people have never given their goals much time or if they have given them thoughts they haven't given the speech. Articulating your goals out loud can be scary because then you risk failure if you have said it but then don't accomplish it, but the greater failure is to never have tried at all. Grab these mugs and coasters, keep them where you see them often, heed their wisdom, then Share that wisdom with friends. You will be glad you did.
White/Heather Grey

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